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Testimonial from recent project


January 3, 2012


Mr. Joe Silvestri

Central Electric, LLC


Dear Joe:


It would probably be just as easy to telephone and thank you personally, but I wanted to drop you this written line of sincere thanks for the work that you did for us on the Generations Family Health Care project in Willimantic, CT.  Needless to say, it was an extremely difficult project in many ways.  Your team’s efforts in keeping an eye on the goal line, while dodging a number of bullets along the way is greatly appreciated.


Central Electric was committed to fulfilling our constructural relationships in providing complete client satisfaction.  The quality that they performed on our project exceeded our expectations as well as the clients. 


They attended all meetings, responded to their issues in the meeting minutes and conducted formal discussions to solve all pursued, potential and existing problems on the job.  They responded to us in a very expedient fashion and identified specific items in need of attention to make the job progress smoothly.


They handled changes in the scope promptly and quickly and executed the changes and necessary paperwork.  In a nutshell, we were given incredible service.


The punchlist was handled expediently, promptly, efficiently and effectively.  I would not change anything about the way it was handled.


I do believe they can offer much service to a project up front in the design stages by being familiar with what code officials expect during the drawing review process and knowing what changes are usually made in the field by code officials.  They know what works and what does not work.


We would not hesitate to contract with Central Electric for our next project and I would not hesitate to recommend your firm for any work no matter what type of construction it may entail.  You are true professionals and your honesty, integrity and craftsmanship are greatly appreciated.


Thanks again for your good work on a very difficult and time constrained project.





David J. Breidenbach

Vice President

AP Construction 

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